About Us

Welcome to Trius Cleaning Services!  A commercial cleaning provider committed to the utmost standards of "Green Cleaning" and environmentally sound business practices.

The environment...everyday we ponder on ways to improve the way we work and live and yet so few of us are making the changes that are necessary.  There is an ongoing debate as to what "going green" really means and if it is in fact harming the environment more than helping it.  At Trius we can't speak for what other cleaning companies practice but we can define what it means to us.  It is our hopes that by reviewing what we have to offer, we can find a "home" in your office, keeping it clean, green, and making your office an "environment" that your employees are glad to come to work at everyday. What should you expect from Trius Cleaning Services? Read on...
  • So often it is the expectation that "going green" comes with a premium price.  Conventionally this may be true, but we have devised a method that won't only make your office environmentally better and healthier for your staff, but in most cases, help your companies bottom line.
  • We use "Green" cleaning chemicals from companies that manufacture these products responsibly.  We only use Green Seal Certified Products. 
  • The use of such chemicals do not replace higher forms of cleaning that are proven to prevent diseases and infection.
  • Enhance the recycling program already in place for your facility or help implement a program free of charge!
  • Utilize the latest technology available to cleaning equipment that prevent the spread of allergens and other dust mites that can cause sickness.

And this is just the beginning...

Call Trius today!  We can provide you with a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION, detailed cleaning proposal and tell you more about how we can help you improve the appearance, health, and morale of your company.

We proudly service Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina!  Local offices in Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Charlotte.                                             
800.431.0772 or c.service@triusgreen.com